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Examples of Gender Nouns

Gender Nouns

Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-05-07 18:35:58
The feminine can be formed:

1. By adding "ss" to the masculine (sometimes with other slight changes):

actor actress
Baron Baroness
Count Countess
Duke Duchess
Emperor Empress
giant giantess
heir heiress
host hostess
lion lioness
manager manageress
master mistress
murderer murderess
priest priestess
Prince Princess
poet poetess
shepherd shepherdess
steward stewardess
tiger tigress
waiter waitress

2. By use of different words:

bachelor spinster
boy girl
brother sister
bull cow
cock hen
dog *****
drake duck
father mother
fox vixen
friar nun
gander goose
gentleman lady
horse mare
husband wife
King Queen
lad lass
lord lady
lover mistress
man woman
monk nun
nephew nice
sir lady, madam
son daughter
tutor governess
uncle aunt
wizard witch

3. By prefixing or suffixing a word:

boy-friend girl-friend
grandfather grandmother
great grandfather great grandmother
grandson granddaughter
great grandson great granddaughter
father-in-law mother-in-law
brother-in-law sister-in-law
son-in-law daughter-in-law
landlord landlady
man-friend woman-friend
manservant maidservant
male-cousin female-cousin
step-father step-mother
step-son step-daughter
Godfather Godmother
Godson Goddaughter

he she
tom (cat) tib (cat)
tom (elephant) tib (elephant)
bull cow

cock-sparrow hen-sparrow
cock-pigeon hen-pigeon
peacock peahen

4. Foreign feminines:

fiancé fiancée
hero heroine

5. The only cases in which the masculine is formed from the feminine are:

Masculine Feminine
bridegroom bride
widower widow

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