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Examples of Homographs


Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-04-01 09:18:09
A homograph ("same writing") is a word that has the same spelling as another word, but a different meaning, are one type of homonyms.

For example, punch and punch are homographs, but so are bow (Robin Hood"s weapon) and bow (the front of the ship). Homographs don"t have to be pronounced the same way.

More examples of homographs:

* Bear (animal) and bear (carry)
* porter (a weak beer) and porter (a man who carries luggage)
* lean (thin) and lean (rest against)
* lap (to drink with tongue) and lap (a circuit)
* plane (a tool) and plane (a tree)
* plain (ordinary looking) and plain (flat country)
* skip (to jump) and skip (to miss out)
* miss (unmarried woman) and miss (to overlook)
* pluck (to remove feathers) and pluck (bravery)
* type (to write via keyboard) and type (a sort)
* train (a loco and trucks) and train (to teach)
* fluke (a stroke of luck Fluke ( the fins on a whales tail)
* bow (bend forward) bow (front of a ship)
* quail (cower) quail (bird)
* fair (appearance) fair (reasonable)
* lie (horizontal position) lie (falsehood or untruth expressed as truth)
* lead (metal) Lead (start off in front)
* blue (the color) blue (the feeling of sadness)

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