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Examples of Homophones sentences

Homophones sentences

Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-05-09 19:43:42
Homophones are words that sound alike, but are spelled differently and mean different
things. Here you have some examples of sentences with homophone words:

Brake/break Use the brake to stop the car.
The dish did not break when it was dropped.

Buy/by I will buy a book at the store.
We walked by the school.

Capital/capitol The capital is the largest city in the state.
Use a capital letter to begin a sentence.
Is her office in the capitol building?

Cent/scent/sent I need one more cent to buy the game.
The room has a fresh scent.
She sent me a letter.

Close/clothes Please close the door as you leave!
I bought new clothes for school.

Coarse/course The cloth was coarse instead of soft.
We played golf on the course.
Which writing course are you taking?

Dew/do/due The leaves were wet with dew.
She will do the work before dinner.
My essay is due on Monday.

Die/dye This plant will die without water.
I want to dye my hair green.

Fair/fare We had fair weather for the flight.
It’s only fair if everyone gets a turn.
Do you have cab fare to the airport?

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