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Examples of Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-01-07 13:37:17
What does the future hold for me?

What does the future hold for me?

Here is an example of a Tarot Reading.

Cards Drawn.

The Chariot.The Lovers. The Wheel of Fortune. 2 of Swords. 3 of Cups. 9 of Cups.

The Chariot - December

It looks as though you have been travelling alot recently and you have been following different paths. Is it possible you have been looking for somewhere to stay or a new direction? The Chariot shows that you have been everywhere with so much success, you are now ready to settle down. December brings about a month of many directions in which you can choose at your own expense. Wherever you land at this time, it already shows that there are places you can go, you will be able to settle quite rapidly. Things already on your path lead to much bigger things. Do not pass this opportunity up. For the longer you take, the more harder it will be for you to settle down as you would like to.

The Lovers

Now, on the path that you are currently on, it will lead you to make another very important decision. Your decision also involves a love interest to which you have formed a deep bond with. However, there is also another person involved who has other intentions for you. Both of these love interests fulfill needs where it is necessary for you. Deep down in your heart, as much as they love and care about you, you know you will have to make a decision sincerely. Your heart is there, but you need to make a decision and make it now in order for you to settle down!

The Wheel of Fortune

Luck is in the cards and the decision you make will be clear and justified. The Wheel of Fortune is turning in your favour. But you must also take up this chance immediately, for you may not have this opportunity come about anymore.

Two of Swords

Now, although deep down you have made the right decision, you might come across an unexpected alternative. But whatever this is, you will be forced to make a logical decision. The choice you make will be yours and yours alone. Noone will push you to the edge nor will they hold you back from making this decision. However, there will be a little truth to your decision you may not like. But you must remember it"s only minor and you can quite easily deal with this. It"s just a matter of making this decision right and to the point. Make no excuses as to the outcome. Take a step forward and do what needs to be done.

Three of Cups

Once you have made a concrete decision, you will feel a whole lot better. There are alot of friends and ladies who would like to spend time with you. They would like to celebrate the good times they used to have with you. They know that this moment in time will be very hard for you, but they will be there to support you no matter what. You have their interests deeply at heart! This is an important piece of information you need to know about, despite your decision.

Nine of Cups

Your wishes will be fulfilled and your life will become alot better once you have made your decision. It is your time for celebrating and enjoying what you deserve in a very new and different way. You can count on all those who supported you and those who will stand beside you now and in the future. You are blessed and your angels ask you to accept this blessing!

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