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Examples of 10 Examples of Online Marketing & Promotion Methods for Self-Published Authors

10 Examples of Online Marketing & Promotion Methods for Self-Published Authors

Post by thegirlnextfloor
Posted on 2011-03-17 00:29:35
1. Connecting with book bloggers and requesting a review.
2. Listing a free book giveaway contest.
3. Using social media sites to post book updates.
4. Connecting with hosts or producers of online radio and podcast shows for an interview.
5. Using an email newsletter service to create an email list of subscribers.
6. Offering a free bonus ebook or guide as a download.
7. Writing and distributing a news or press release to notify the media of recent publications.
8. Article marketing/submission, free online classified ads & forum posting.
9. Starting a blog centered around a writing-related theme.
10. Creating a book trailer and/or going on a virtual book tour.

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