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Examples of Ancient greek words

Ancient greek words

Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-02-28 12:06:26
Examples of ancient greek words used in english:

problema (=problem)
phaenomenon (=phenomenon, neutral present participle of verb phaenesthae=to appear)
physike (=physics, femminin adjective which means natural)
aenigma (=enigma)
dilemma (=dilemma)
anarchia (=anarchy=without authorities)
geometria (=geometry)
philosophia (=philosophy)
atomon (=atom, neutral adjective which means "uncuttable")
bacteria (=a stick used by elder people to walk and a derivative of which is bacterium-bacteria)
thronos (throne)
aster (=star) and naus (=ship)(from which derives astronaut)
logos(=speech or rationatity which gives the derivative suffixes -logist and -logy)
catholicos (=absolut or "for everybody" or catholic {for modern people})
pheme (in attic greek) or phama (in dorian greek) (=fame)
Europe (=wide-eyed or wide-faced or Europe {for the continent})
Aethiops(="with dark-skinned appearence"=the resident of Ethiopia)
homou(=together, from which derives the prefix homo-)
oeconomia (=economy), prefixes hypo- (=under-) and hyper- (=over-)
graphethi (="be written" {past passive imperative of verb graphein=to write} which gives modern english word grafity)

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