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Examples of Cartilages


Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-01-15 13:13:38
Cartilage is a type of connective tissue composed of special cells known as chondrocytes along with collagen or yellow elastic fibers. The fibers and the cells are embedded in a firm gel like matrix rich in mucopolysaccharides. Cartilage is not as hard and rigid as bone. It is much more flexible and elastic.

There are three types of cartilage;

* Hyaline cartilage
* Fibrous cartilage
* Elastic cartilage

Hyaline cartilage: This type of cartilage has very thin fibers having same refractive index as the matrix of the cartilage and thus these fibers are not seen. Hyaline cartilage is the articular cartilage of long bones, sternum, ribs etc. Its color is bluish white and it is flexible.

Fibrous cartilage: This type of cartilage has numerous white fibers. It is present in the symphysis pubis, and sternoclavicular joint etc. Its color is glistening white and the appearance is opaque.

Elastic cartilage: This type of cartilage has numerous yellow elastic fibers. It is present in the ear pinna, external auditory meatus, Eustachian tubes, and epiglottis etc. Its color is yellowish and the appearance is opaque.

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