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Examples of Collective nouns

Collective nouns

Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-05-07 18:57:39
Examples of collective nouns (list):

herd of antelope, army of ants, colony of ants, swarm of ants, shrewdness of apes, flange of baboons, congress of baboons, tribe of baboons, culture of bacteria, cete of badgers, colony of badgers, sleuth of bears, sloth of bears, pack of bears (polar bears), colony of beavers, lodge of beavers, flight of bees, grist of bees, hive of bees, swarm of bees, congregation of birds, dissimulation of birds, flight of birds, flock of birds, volery of birds, sedge of bitterns, siege of bitterns, herd of boar, singular of boar, sounder of boar, chain of bobolinks, brace of bucks, clash of bucks, herd of buffalo, rabble of butterflies, swarm of butterflies, wake of buzzards, flock of camels, army of caterpillars, clowder of cats, clutter of cats, glaring of cats, pounce of cats, dout of cats (house cats), nuisance of cats (house cats), kendle of cats (kittens), kindle of cats (kittens), litter of cats (kittens), destruction of cats (wild cats), drove of cattle, herd of cattle, kine of cattle, team of cattle, yoke of cattle (two), herd of chamois, brood of chickens, flock of chickens, peep of chickens, brood of chicks, chattering of chicks, clutch of chicks, cartload of chimpanzees, herd of chinchillas,bed of clams, quiver of cobras, rag of colts, rake of colts, bury of conies, cover of coots, parcel of penguins, rookery of penguins, nest of pheasants, nide of pheasants (on the ground), nye of pheasants (on the ground), bouquet of pheasants (when flushed), flight of pigeons, flock of pigeons, drove of pigs, herd of pigs, litter of pigs,

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