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Examples of Connecting Adverbs

Connecting Adverbs

Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-03-26 21:57:58
ccordingly: so
He was very persuasive; accordingly, I did what he asked.

also: in addition
She is my neighbor; she is also my best friend.

besides: in addition
I like the job. Besides, I need the money.

consequently: so
She had a fever; consequently, she stayed at home.

furthermore: in addition
You should stop smoking. Furthermore, you should do it at once!

hence: for that reason
He is a good friend. Hence, I was not embarrassed to ask him for help.

however: but
We wanted to arrive on time; however, we were delayed by traffic.

likewise: in addition
The region is beautiful. Likewise, the climate is excellent.

moreover: in addition
She is very intelligent; moreover, she is very ambitious.

nevertheless: but
They are proud. Nevertheless, I like them.

nonetheless: but
The ascent was dangerous. Nonetheless, he decided to attempt it.

otherwise: if not, or else
We should consult them; otherwise, they may be upset.

still: but
It is a long way to the beach. Still, it is a fine day to go swimming.

then: 1. next, afterwards. 2. so
We went shopping, then we had lunch.
If you are sure, then I must believe you.

therefore: for that reason
I was nervous; therefore, I could not do my best.

thus: so, in this way
He travelled as quickly as possible. Thus, he reached Boston the next day.

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