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Examples of Homophones


Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-04-01 09:21:25
A homophone ("same sound") is a word that has the same pronunciation as another word, but a different meaning.

For example, punch and punch are homophones, but so are creak (the sound) and creek (a tiny river). Homophones don"t have to be spelled the same way.

More examples of homophones:

Acts, Axe, Ax
Adds, Ads, Adze
Aid, Aide
Air, Heir
All, Awl
Ate, Eight
Bare, Bear, Bier
Bight, Bite
Boar, Boor, Bore
Bole, Boll, Bowl
Bread, Bred
Days, Daze
Dear, Deer
Dew, Do
Die, Dye
Disc, Disk
Doe, Dough
Earn, Urn
Ewe, You
Faze, Phase
Feat, Feet
Flea, Flee
Flew, Flue, Flu
Floe, Flow
Fore, For, Four
Gays, Gaze
Hays, Haze
Hi, High
Hire, Higher
Lain, Lane
Lays, Laze
Lay, Lei
Leaf, Lief
Lean, Lien
Leak, Leek
Lie, Lye
Light, Lite
Loan, Lone
Main, Mane, Mein
Mays, Maze
Meat, Meet, Mete
Mewl, Mule
Might, Mite
Mown, Moan
Our, Hour
On, Awn
Pail, Pale
Pain, Pane
Pair, Pare, Pear
Peak, Peek

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