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Examples of Letter of recommendation for teacher

Letter of recommendation for teacher

Post by natttt
Posted on 2012-02-08 10:38:13
Dear Fellow Educator:

I have had the joy and satisfaction of working successfully with Carolina Smith during the 2009-2010 School year at Henry Cole Middle School in Kansas City, Kansas. In my capacity as Language Arts Department Head. Iíve personally witnessed her cooperative spirit, professional attitude, and caring disposition.

Carolina works collaboratively with her colleagues and has developed an especially close, working relationship with the other two Language arts teachers at the seventh grade level. Together, they have developed units in response writing, homophone spelling, and grammar skill building. Additionally, one of Carolinaís exceptionally strong methodologies is her use of cooperative groups. Whenever we meet as a department of discuss education issues in other forums, I have always found her to be the quintessential professional, listening to others opinions with interest, offering suggestions based upon sound pedagogy, and demonstrating a sincere willingness to try new strategies. Earnestly caring for her fellow teachers and the students she serves is also a strong and noticeable trait in her personality.

Although Carolina teaches Language Arts expertly and has successfully fulfilled an assignment this school year in seventh grade English and Literature, she is also most definitely qualified to teach Social Studies; in fact, her first teaching love is in this important subject area. She has lived in Saudi Arabia and studied Japanese and Latin American cultures in college. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in American History, a wealth of experience teaching Social Studies at the high school level, and a passionate love for teaching history in all of its diversity and culture, her presence on your teaching team will be a tremendous asset.

Carolina Smith has a pleasant, easy-going disposition, is fun to be with at both professional and social gatherings, and is cheerful, positive, and friendly. She will fit in very comfortably with a group of professional educators who are serious about their work but also know when it is the right time to joke and relax. Her professionalism is a well-balanced blend of competence, experience, and cordiality. I eagerly give my endorsement of Carolina Smithís skills and professionalism without qualification and with the highest praise.


Henrik T Samuels, Ed.D.

Head of the Department

Language Arts and Literature

Henry Cole Middle School

Kansas City, Kansas.

Date: 12th December 2010

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