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Examples of Long Bones

Long Bones

Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-01-13 10:52:01
Long bones typically have an elongated shaft and two expanded ends one on either side of the shaft. The shaft is known as diaphysis and the ends are called epiphyses. Normally the epiphyses are smooth and articular. The shaft has a central medullary cavity where lies the bone marrow.

Long bones are further divided into three categories that are:

Typical long bones: They have an elongated shaft and two ends and are represented by bones such as humerus, femur, radius, ulna, tibia and fibula.

Miniature long bones: As the name indicates, these bones have a miniature appearance and often they have only one epiphysis. Examples of this class of long bones are metacarpals, metatarsals and phalanges of both upper and lower limb.

Modified long bones: These bones either have modified shaft or ends. They have no medullary cavity which is present in the typical long bones. Examples of this class of bones are clavicle and body of vertebrae.

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