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Examples of Love Letter Closings

Love Letter Closings

Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-01-10 01:52:16
Examples of Love Letter Closings:

* Adoringly yours,
* Affectionately yours,
* Affectionately,
* Especially yours,
* Eternal,
* Eternally Yours,
* Forever and always,
* Kiss ya,
* Kisses,
* Hug ya,
* Hugs and pogo sticks! (my personal favorite),
* Hugs, kisses, and broken fingers,
* Hugs and kisses,
* Love, peace, and chicken grease,
* Love you now and forever,
* Love, hugs and kisses,
* Love you,
* Love ya,
* Love your friend,
* Love you so much,
* Love always,
* Lustfully yours,
* Luv ya,
* Much love,
* One Love,
* Sweet Kisses,
* With purest love,
* Xoxo,
* Wanting you more,
* "Your girl" always,
* All my love,
* All my love forever,
* Always,
* Always and forever,
* Always and truly,
* Always in my heart,
* Always your baby,
* Always yours,
* Can"t wait to see you again,
* Eternally yours,
* Forever my love,
* Forever yours,
* Forgive me please,
* Hoping to see you soon,
* I am forever yours,
* I love you very, very much,
* I will love you always,
* I"ll love you always,
* Longing to see you again,
* Lots of love,
* Love always and forever,
* Love and best wishes,
* Love and kisses,
* Love and many kisses,
* Love forever,
* Love you,
* Loving you always,
* Loving you always and forever,
* Loving you with all my heart,
* Many thanks,
* Missing you,
* Missing you already,
* Missing you every moment,
* My Best,
* My heart belongs to you always,
* Patiently yours,
* Regards,
* Remembering us,
* Remembering us the way we were,
* See you soon (just not too soon),
* Sending you all my love,
* Soon to be your wife,
* Still thinking of you,
* Thank you for caring,
* Thanks again for yesterday,
* Thanks for understanding,
* Thinking of you,
* Unabashedly yours,
* Unconditionally yours,
* With affection,
* With all my love,
* With appreciation,
* With hope and love,
* With love,
* With love and anticipation,
* With love and expectation,
* With love and kisses,
* Written hopefully,
* You have all my love,
* You know I love you,
* Your darling,
* Your devoted lover,
* Your endless love,
* Your eternal soul mate,
* Your faithful hubby,
* Your hubby,
* Your love always,
* Your loving,
* Your wife always,
* Yours always,
* Yours and only yours

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