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Examples of Static verbs

Static verbs

Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-01-10 02:12:03
Stative verbs are verbs that show a state and not an action.

You can group verbs that show a state in the following ways:-

Verbs that show thought - know, believe, undertand etc.
Verbs that show possession - have, own, want, contain etc.
Verbs that show senses - hear, see, smell etc.
Verbs that show emotion - love, hate, want, need etc.

There are regular and irregular stative verbs. But when they are used to show a state they do not take the -ing form.

For Example:

* I like ice cream. (Never "I am liking...")
* I know a lot of English words. (Never "I am knowing...")

However, some verbs can be used to show an action or a state.

For Example:

* I think English is easy. = It is my opinion.
* I"m thinking of joining a new course. = I am considering it.

More examples of static verbs:

Verb - Correct - Not Correct
agree - She didnít agree with us. - She wasnít agreeing with us.
appear - It appears to be raining. - It is appearing to be raining.
believe - I donít believe the news. - I am not believing the news.
belong - This book belonged to my grandfather. - This book was belonging to my grandfather.
concern - This concerns you. - This is concerning you.
consist - Bread consists of flour, water and yeast. - Bread is consisting of flour, water and yeast.
contain - This box contains a cake. - This box is containing a cake.
depend - It depends on the weather. - Itís depending on the weather.

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