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Examples of Unusual words

Unusual words

Post by natttt
Posted on 2011-01-12 20:11:02
There are words which are used very commonly and there are a few, which are hardly used. These hardly used words not only sound strange, but also have very strange meanings.

Here some examples of unusual words:

abacinate -> to blind by putting red-hot copper basin near the eyes
abaft -> toward or at the stern of a ship
abbozzo -> preliminary sketch
absquatulate -> to decamp; to leave quickly; to flee
azure -> light or sky blue; the heraldic color blue
balatron -> joker; clown
baisemain -> kiss on the hand
biggin -> a building
bismer -> shame; disgrace; scorn
cabas -> woman"s work basket or handbag
cacography -> bad handwriting or spelling
callow -> unfledged; inexperienced
daedalist -> aviator; pilot
dendrolatry -> worship of trees
deorsumversion -> turning downwards
edentate -> toothless; without teeth
email -> type of dark ink
epeolatry -> worship of words
factive -> indicating causation
feuilleton -> critical article at the bottom of a newspaper page
fontinal -> growing near springs
gamophobia -> fear of marriage
gaud -> trick or practical joke
graphophobia -> fear of writing
halitus -> vapour; breath
hirrient -> roughly trilled
holm -> island in a river
ichthyophagous fish-eating
idiolect -> distinctive individual form of speech
ineunt -> entering
jabberwock -> nonsense, gibberish
jettatura -> the evil eye
jutty -> projecting part of a wall
kakidrosis -> body odor
keffel -> a horse; a nag
kine -> cows
labtebricole -> living in holes
lacuna -> a blank space or missing part
latipennate -> having broad wings
mabsoot -> happy
manurance -> cultivation
melomania -> craze for music
nanocephalous -> having an extremely small head
naupathia -> sea sickness
nidificate -> to construct a nest
objurgate -> to chide; to scold; to rebuke
obsequies -> funeral
oligarchy -> government by the few
pabouch -> a slipper
palamat -> having webbed feet
parentelic -> related by blood
quab -> something unfinished or immature
quarender -> dark red apple
quindecasyllabic -> having fifteen syllables
raffish -> disreputable; vulgar
recoct -> to cook again; to concoct; to improvise
reguerdon -> to reward
sabbulonariu -> gravel pit
sanguisugen -> blood-sucking
sciomanc -> divination using ghosts
tacenda -> things not to be mentioned
tectiform -> shaped like a roof
teratism -> monster, malformed person or animal
ulosis -> formation of a scar
ulotrichous -> having woolly hair
unleal -> unfaithful
vagitus -> baby"s cry or wail
ventripotent -> with great capacity or appetite for food
verbatim -> word for word
waftage -> transportation through water or air
whiskerando -> a whiskered person
woundy -> excessively; extremely
xanthippe -> ill-tempered woman
xerothermic -> dry and hot
xenodocheionology -> love of hotels
yaff -> to bark like a snarling dog
yede -> to go
yuke -> to itch
zabaglione -> frothy custard
zeugmatography -> imaging using nuclear magnetic resonance to study soft tissue
zoetic -> living; vital

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